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Dave put together this really sweet video set to my new favourite song by the Dave Matthew's Band. We played it at the end of our slideshow. Special thanks to Carina for recommending the song. It is so perfect. Hope you enjoy the video.

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We have a date and location picked for our slide show.

Date: Saturday, June 5th
Time: Come over after 6:30pm and the slide show will start at 7:00pm
Location: Belgravia Community League, 11540 73 Ave NW
Can I bring my kids: Yes! This is a kid friendly event. There is a park right outside the door where the kids can play and I am hoping to find a few babysitters who can watch the kids while the adults are inside watching the slideshow and doing responsible things like drinking.
Should I bring anything else? Nope. Just bring yourself and your kids if you have any. We are hoping to have a loonie bar with beer and wine, and serve some hors d'ouerves (but no supper).

Please RSVP to me by email or on facebook as the community hall is not that big.

Here's the map:

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The final post...

Sadly, this will be our final blog entry. We are home from our trip and are trying not to get overwhelmed with unpacking our bags, moving back into our house, going to work, and all of the other responsibilities we have avoided for the past 8 months. And besides, our life is a lot less interesting now and not noteworthy enough of a blog!

Every once in a while when I think of something new in our lives, I think, "I should write about this in our blog!" And then I give my head a shake and realize that I'm back in Canada doing what normal Canadians do and whatever I was thinking about is really not that interesting to anyone else, just me. So we would like to end on a high note and not bore you with the less interesting comings and goings of our lives.

But for those of you who want a little more, we are planning to do a slide show sometime early in June to tell our stories and show our pictures, all 7,000 of them. Just kidding, I promise that it will be no longer than an hour. I'll send a message out on facebook and a message here on our blog once we have a time and place selected. We are also doing a slide show at the Unitarian Church Sunday, June 27th for our Unitarian followers (ie. Dave's mom's friends) and I'll be doing a lunch-time slide show at work June 11.

I did a numerical summary of our trip that I think you will find interesting.

Adding it all up
Number of nights away from home = 250
Number of countries = 7
Number of towns visited for more than 1 day = 35
Number of hotel rooms = 42
Number of beaches visited = 29
Number of beaches surfed= 21
Number of buses taken = 21
Number of buses rides shared with a chicken = at least 2
Number of boats = 13
Number of flights = 23
Number of photos taken = about 7000
Number of yoga classes = 54
Number of doctor visits = 6 (4 were to the Optometrist for pink eye)
Number of migraines = 5
Number of vomit episodes = 10 (8 were car or bus related)
Number of things lost = too many to count but nothing important
Number of things stolen = nothing as far as we know
Number of blog entries = 105
Most popular blog entry had 878 hits
Average number of hits = about 500
Page views = 25,442 (this is a count of the total number of times the blog was opened)

How much did it all cost?
International flights = $11,000
Day to day travel costs = $29,000
Our experiences = priceless

This may sound like a lot to shell out but it is pretty close to the amount that we would have spent just living in Edmonton for the same period of time. I went shopping yesterday to restock our fridge and to buy a lawn mower and spent over $600! That is equivalent to 1 week of living expenses or 2 months rent in Nicaragua!

We would like to thank everyone for following our travels. Counting the number of people who read our blog, inspired us to write about more things more often. We spent hours each week uploading photos and drafting stories. We do intend to take the blog and turn it into a book (for a keepsake, not for sale) though it would be nice to find a way to fund another trip one day....

Here is our contact information if you would like to get in touch with us. We are also on facebook.

home: 756-8276
cell: 200-8276
email: audrey.inouye@gmaildotcom
email: chachi.hamar@gmaildotcom

Peace and love,
Dave, Audrey, Taro and Kiyoshi

I will leave you with some final photos that were taken by a friend that we met along the way.



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How did the kids do?

In one word, amazing. They both adjusted extremely well to the climate, food, people, everything. The only time we had difficulty was when we were in a big city. It was too difficult to let them run around freely. We had to watch them so closely all the time that it was stressful for us too. This limited some of the cultural things that we could do, but we still had loads of fun on the beaches.

While we were away, as you would expect, the kids learned many things that they may not have learned at home. Here is a list for you.

Both kids learned...
To count to 10 in three different languages (Indonesian, Thai and Spanish).
Greetings in three languages.
To swim and snorkel.
How to ask for the bill in Spanish.
How to flag down a cab.
That the tides go up and down.
That motorcycles drive on the road and the sidewalk.
Tree pose.
How to sleep in a different bed every night.
Where bananas, coconuts, mangos and pineapples grow.
A few dozen words in Spanish.
The difference between good water and bad water.
How to structurally engineer about a million different lego vehicles.
How to recite most of our books almost word for word.
Carry on a conversation with complete strangers.
What geckos eat and about all kinds of bugs like praying mantis, ants, beetles, mosquitos etc.
Where and how other people live in the world.
How to nap, pee and pooh when you need to where ever you are.
To recognize when they are going to throw up.
You can eat helado (ice cream) everyday even when your mother is a nutritionist.
How to say Gracias in Thai.
That you have to put toilet paper in the garbage because it plugs the toilet.

Taro learned a few more things too
How to use the ipod better than his mother.
How to boogey board.
How the Panama Canal works and why they built it.
How to collect all kinds of crabs without injuring them.
How to identify barracuda, shark, red snapper.
How to take the sting out of a jelly fish bite.
Not to walk under a palm tree and why.
How a crater lake is formed.
That bats, kinkajous and owls are nocturnal.
About Buddha and Jesus.
How to paddle a kayak.

And so did Kiyoshi
To stay off the road.
How to be very gentle with animals.
How to eat pad thai without chewing it.

With that said, I will leave you with an excerpt from Patti's blog (http://rymansatlarge.travellerspoint.com/) about their experiences parenting their kids while traveling. This hit the nail so squarely on the head for us, I couldn't have said it better myself...

When the kids were managing beautifully and the traveling was easy, we thought about what excellent parents we were for showing them the world and spending so much time in their company: 24/7 for 6.5 months. It was harder to be smug when they fought non-stop, resisted home-schooling, threw up on their shoes and missed their friends. And when occasionally we found ourselves in physically dangerous situations with them, we were appalled at the poor judgment that had caused us to drag them halfway around the world just so they could possibly die in a fiery bus or motorcycle crash.

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