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A little about us

Time till departure: 3 months


We are a family of 4 living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada about to embark on a big trip. The kids are Kiyoshi (2 years) and Taro (4 years). I am a Nutritionist and my husband Dave is an Engineering Instructor. We have been planning to take a year off for the past five years.

Our plans have evolved considerably over the past few months. We were initially thinking of literally traveling around the world. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this wasn't a realistic plan for us. First off, I don't think we could afford it and it might be a little too much to do with 2 small children.

We had several criteria for our trip. The order of priority is different depending on who you ask if you know what I mean...

[*]no malaria
[*]good health care
[*]hot (but not too hot)
[*]reasonably cheap
[*]yes surfing

So our plan at this stage is to fly from Edmonton to Bali September 5th where my mom will join us for 3 weeks. Then from Bali to Thailand October 19th. We will head back to Edmonton on December 16th for Christmas. We'll be at home for Christmas and then thinking of going to Costa Rica for the winter. That is the plan at this point but I reserve the right to change at any point.

We have been very busy getting our house in order before we go. The house and garage are both rented for the entire trip which we are very relieved about. Now we just have to get to work and fix it up before we leave!

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Living from the List

Time till departure: 10 days

So everyday we have a list. We live and breathe by this list. In fact if living and breathing weren't on the list, we wouldn't be able to live or breath. That is how serious this list is. It is a carefully planned list of things that must get done before we go. Things sometimes get added but mostly a few things are scratched off each day.

Just when I thought that I had thought of absolutely every detail down to how many pairs of underwear the boys need, I realized that I had forgotten something, it was big. Turns out that we need a Visa for Indonesia. This should be obvious to most people. In fairness to me, we were originally planning to stay in Bail for 1 month, a period of time which you don't need a visa. We are now planning to stay for 42 days so we had a mad scramble to get the visa requirements together and courier them off to Vancouver. What caused this to be challenging and stressful for us is that we were at the time in Toronto, still hadn't received Kiyoshi's updated passport back from the passport office, needed to book a flight out of Indonesia to prove that we are planning to leave and book our first hotel. Thanks to the Indonesian Consulate, the visas were done and mailed back to us in 3 business days. What a relief.

Next thing for today - empty absolutely everything out of our garage...

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Packing List

What are we taking with us you ask?

Things have changed since the last time Dave and I went traveling. When we went to India in 2002 for 5 weeks, our packs weight a combined total of less than 25 lbs. I think they will weigh considerably more this time around.

People have been asking what we plan to take with us. Here's our list so far:

[*]2 - 80 litre wheely backpacks
[*]1 day pack
[*]2 kids' backpacks
[*]2 booster car seats
[*]umbrella stroller
[*]mosquito net

Clothing for each of us
[*]4 shorts (or skirts for me)
[*]5 long ans short sleeve shirts
[*]1 pair pants
[*]1 sweater
[*]undies and 2 cloth overnight diapers for K
[*]2 pairs pjs
[*]2 bathing suits
[*]2 sun hats
[*]2 quick dry towels

[*]net book and lock

Other odds and ends
[*]first aid kit
[*]an assortment of books including the lonely planet for Bali and Thailand
[*]first aid kit
[*]clothes line
[*]pack locks
[*]passports and visas
[*]id tags for the kids

Here's a picture with us and all of our stuff. It doesn't look like much because I think the biggest bag is missing from the picture....


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Nasi Goreng and Little Boats

Written by Audrey: Day 1 and no jet lag

sunny 28 °C

We finally arrived in Legian after a 24 hour journey. The boys were both angels. Neither one of us thought they would be so good. We couldn't have asked for a better arrival. Our flight landed at 10:30pm and we both expected an agonizing wait to clear customs given that there were at least 400 people on our flight. But, we sailed past all 400 because we got our visas ahead of time and were drinking fruit cocktails at our hotel by 11:30pm.

The boys were wide awake as they both slept well on the planes. We swam for an hour, went to bed, slept all night and didn't wake up till this morning despite the efforts of a rooster right outside our window.

The hotel is nice. It can be best described as a traditional Balinese hotel that caters 30 year old partiers from Australia. In my right ear I hear traditional Balinese music and in my left, Nirvana. The grounds are lovely with little traditional town houses and mini temples scattered about.

We strayed on a short visit to see the beach this morning but otherwise haven't left the hotel. The boys think they just checked into paradise and are practically inseparable from the pool. Kiyoshi can't stop talking about his 'little boat,' or 'mine boat' and they both like the food. We had nasi goreng and gado gado for lunch. It was delic!

Anyhow, all is well with us and I'll try to post some pictures once I've taken some.


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