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Sleepless in Sri Lanka

Getting going

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It's funny the things you dread before you leave on a big trip like this. There were two things I was not looking forward to: home schooling and jet lag. It turns out that those were not the only thing we had to dread.

The night before we left, an aunt called us and told us we should check the news: major flooding in Sri Lanka. We checked the internet and found out that yes indeed, there was flooding. 800,000 people displaced, several dead and wreaking havoc on much of the country.  Getting reliable news on exactly where the flooding was and what the extent was where we were going was tricky. Finally we phoned our first hotel and found out that Colombo was fine as was the entire west coast where we were planning to spend most of our time. Central Sri Lanka seemed to be under water which was where we were planning to head to first so we pulled the plug on all the hotels that Audrey had spent weeks booking in advance. With all that planning out the window, we are back to winging it as we have done before.

It would be great to say that our 30 hr door to door trip was uneventful, but alas, that was not the case. Toward the end of our flight to Frankfurt Kiyoshi started throwing up. Then Taro, seeing and smelling vomit, decided his stomach also needed evacuation. With two barfing kids in tow and another 10 hr flight from Frankfurt to Colombo ahead of us, we got off the plane and made our way to the next terminal in Colombo. Taro ended up getting better but Kiyoshi had a little more puking left in him for the airport and the next flight. By the end of the flight he had slept and was feeling a lot better.
Jet lag was our next hurdle, and a week later we still aren't over it. Kaito slept in until 5am this morning; his best sleep in yet.  We are slowly getting into a routine that just involves waking up early and getting the day going. Kaito is napping in the afternoon while we get school done for a couple hours.

I hope I don't jinx myself by saying that homeschooling is going surprisingly well. The kids are accepting of the fact that we need to sit down for a couple of hours everyday and it has been great that Kaito sleeps during this time letting Audrey and each work with one of the kids. You can get a surprisingly large amount of teaching done when it is just one on one for a couple hours a day. My sister put together a fabulous 6 day weekly cycle of activities that we could do with the kids and we have been following that for the most part since we got here. The kids have been writing in their journals, doing math problems, composing blog posts and playing games on a daily basis. It's been great to see the kids gobble up information while we are away.

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About Us

Here we go again!

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We are a Canadian family with three kids ages 9, 7 and 3 about to set off on another world wide adventure!

Where are we going you ask? We will be in Sri Lanka in January, Southern India in February, Thailand in March, France in June, Ontario in July and then back home on July 13th. You probably noticed that April and May are missing. We haven't decided where to go yet, possibly the Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia. That'll be decided on along the way.

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Peace and Love,
Kaito, Kiyoshi, Taro, Dave and Audrey

PS. You will notice that we previously went on a worldwide adventure with the kids. If you are curious, you can scroll down and see the final few posts from our last trip in 2010 when we took Taro and Kiyoshi to Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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You & Me

Dave put together this really sweet video set to my new favourite song by the Dave Matthew's Band. We played it at the end of our slideshow. Special thanks to Carina for recommending the song. It is so perfect. Hope you enjoy the video.

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We have a date and location picked for our slide show.

Date: Saturday, June 5th
Time: Come over after 6:30pm and the slide show will start at 7:00pm
Location: Belgravia Community League, 11540 73 Ave NW
Can I bring my kids: Yes! This is a kid friendly event. There is a park right outside the door where the kids can play and I am hoping to find a few babysitters who can watch the kids while the adults are inside watching the slideshow and doing responsible things like drinking.
Should I bring anything else? Nope. Just bring yourself and your kids if you have any. We are hoping to have a loonie bar with beer and wine, and serve some hors d'ouerves (but no supper).

Please RSVP to me by email or on facebook as the community hall is not that big.

Here's the map:

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